The Cointelegraph

The Cointelegraph 2017-12-27T14:32:01+00:00

Surfacing among the sea of information hubs that cover Bitcoin and altcoin news is Cointelegraph. This online media network is right in the forefront of today’s disseminators of the latest information in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Not surprisingly, the team behind this online publication is composed of experts in the field of digital marketing, Bitcoin trading, and allied fields. There is no wonder, then, why the company maintains its high standard of services to its readers and clients.

Those who visit the site will surely find updates on the distributed-ledger technology, prices of digital monetary units, decentralized applications, and current issues surrounding the virtual currency community. Cointelegraph also provides its readers, especially those new to cryptocurrencies, with learning materials in order for them to get to know well the most popular digital currencies which are Bitcoin and Ethereum. And for those involved in the trading of digital assets, the site has in-depth price analysis write-ups and a highly comprehensible ICO (initial coin offering) calendar.

Earning with Cointelegraph is also possible. The network is open for franchising. Anyone who wishes to be a franchisee or an affiliate of the brand has an opportunity to get a share of the revenue generated by the network.