Our Mission

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Cannabis Industry Branding, Marketing & Business Consulting

Cannagency is a full-service cannabis marketing and consulting agency, dedicated to cannabis industry products and services. We partner with companies who share our vision of reinventing an industry that has been unfairly stigmatized for decades.



Who We Are

We are a strong team of visionaries with an ambition to integrate blockchain technology into worldwide canna space. We are extensively involved with individuals and businesses in the cannabis domain, allowing us to analyze major problems faced by the industry. We have the know-how and an insight to solve these setbacks with the help of decentralized blockchain technology. Having onboard experts in the blockchain, IT, marketing, finance, and medicine allows us to develop unique, first-class, and highly effective solutions.


A comprehensive examination of the industry identifies two salient issues involving:

Financial Sector

A majority of countries list cannabis under statutes relating to controlled substances. As a result, canna related enterprises are not being supported by mainstream financial institutions, such as banks. This places significant financial limits on the industry. It’s nearly impossible to operate a retail business without a bank account nor a POS system. These barriers to entry force the industry to use cash as the primary mode of transactions. Cash is employed to pay for rent, inventory, supplies, and all canna related B2C transactions. Using cash as a means for payment is very inconvenient and risky. Use of cash attracts criminals and compromises business safety and security by placing employees and clients at risk with frequent robbery attacks. There is no current product in the cannabis domain that provides an alternative to conventional banking services, providing safety, security, and transparency of all B2B and B2C financial operations.

Advertising Sector

Due to the nature of the product, cannabis-related businesses are prohibited from advertising using traditional online and offline media. Online media giants such as Facebook and Google, for example, have strict anti-drug policies, banning publishers from their platforms. Unlike other industries, canna-related businesses do not have access to free-flowing online traffic and are required to use niche websites to promote their products and services. In addition, there are no widespread loyalty programs that can be adopted by the canna market on a local and global scale owing to cannabis being considered taboo for large brand reward providers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to address challenges faced by the worldwide cannabis industry in the financial, advertising and loyalty sectors. As a solution to financial and advertising setbacks, we offer to develop and implement a multi-level financial platform.

Our main goals are:

To design, develop, and implement a non-cash, multi-level, online transaction platform. The platform is set to run on decentralized blockchain technology, utilizing the PerksCoin token;
To create and integrate unique innovations based on blockchain technology into worldwide cannabis economy;
Using cannabis industry as a starting point, to demonstrate unprecedented capabilities of the blockchain technology as a decentralized tool for managing complex commercial relationships between individuals in a marketplace;
To contribute to the development of decentralized blockchain technology within cannabis space.