Digital Coin X

One world. One bank. One app.

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What is Digital Coin?

Swiss Bank Account

An actual IBAN number
(real-time KYC)

Debit Card
via Mastercard/VISA

Banking Licenses in Switzerland + Republic of Vanuatu Interconnects across 60+ international banks Supports 170+ fiat currencies

Digital Wallet

Like PayPal + Coinbase

Supports any public or private blockchain
including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Ripple

Supports all funding options
including Deposit Address + QR Code for all crypto currencies
bank transfer and all payment processors for170+ national fiat currencies

Secured via multi-signature cold storage

International Money Transfer

Like Western Union,
but immediate and free

Integrated Escrow

Integrated Donations

Global Crypto and Token Exchange

Like GDAX + FOREX + tZero

End-to-end ICO Listings
Supports any digital asset

Supports any public or private blockchain
including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Ripple.

Supports loyalty points and bespoke assets

True 24/7 Trading

Real-Time Trade Settlement

Multi-Currency Trading

Open system for continuous addition of new currencies

Support for manual matching
for dealer-desk setups

Programmable order types and advanced options
margin lending, futures, options, and swaps

Out of the box support for HFT and institutional trading
including colocation

Advanced APIs
Connect to FIX, Binary, WebSocket, REST, and custom APIs.

Integrated with banking, settlement, and payments rails
170+ national currencies.

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Single API Payments

Like Stripe
but for fiat + crypto


PayPal, NetPay,
E-Gold, Skrill, BitCoin, GoldMoney, PerfectMoney,
Authorize.Net, 2Checkout
Regular Mail


Mobile apps like Square

Integrated into Digital CoinX
fiat, crypto, credit, et al

Staff Management
Product Inventory
Offline mode
Tax Engine

Future of eCommerce

Integrated peer-to-peer marketplace

Integrated into Digital CoinX
fiat, crypto, credit, et al

Complete e-commerce backend for advanced sellers
simple consumer interface for everyone

Supports Subscription Commerce

Supports Affiliate Programs


Brahma II Matching Engine

0.03 msec

consortium blockchain
part private, part public

high-capacity/low latency
core of electronic marketplace

fast price-time priority and pro-rata order matching

industry standard FIX-based interfaces
for order management, inside market and market depth distribution facility

All Order Types
Market, Limit, Stop-Loss, and Stop-Limit Orders; Iceberg; Day,
GTD, GTC, GFS, FOK, IOC, AON time-in-force options;
one-cancel-the-other and if-done combinations;

All Validations
order price alignment, price range, minimum order size, order size increment, and more;

FIX 4.2/4.4 interfaces for order management

Publishing of market depth
(full snapshot, incremental updates), market statistics, and instrument definitions via FIX/FAST

trading session scheduling @ market, channel, and instrument

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What is CannaCoin?

  • Rewards Coin
  • Trading token
  • Redeemable – Store of Value
  • Currency – Transfer of Value
  • Marketing $ well spent, with trackable ROI

How is CannaCoin earned?

  •  Preset Earning Program
  • eg. 50 CANNACOIN to join the dispensary
  • eg. Special promos – Christmas special, earn extra 10%
  • Eg. Clearance items – 22% discount priced in Cannacoin
  • eg. Regular rewards earnest
Order Value CannaCoin Reward
 < $100 5%
< $200 11%
> $300 22%
Order $65, rewards = 5% x 65 = 3.25 CannaCoin
Order $165, rewards = 5% x 100 + 11% x 65 = 12.15 CannaCoin
Order $265, rewards = 5% x 100 + 11% x 100 + 22% x 65 = 30.30 CannaCoin
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How is CannaCoin spent?

  •  As currency:
  • Customers redeem CannaCoin for products
  • Dispensaries pay suppliers and each other in CannaCoin

How is CannaCoin useful?

  • For marketing:
  • Direct customers acquisition
  • Customer repeat
  • Interactive token-based games/promos
  • For payments:
  • Accept CannaCoin as tender**
  • Accept any crypto
  • Get money settled in near real-time
  • Phase II
    • Integration into POS is offered

Future: rewardX **

  • As an exchange:
  • Swap reward points
  • Extend custom rewards program to other business/chains
  • Allow trading against other rewards
  • Allow trading against other crypto tokens
  • For liquidity:
  • Trade against airline/hotel/bank reward points

Powered by

  • As RewardX:
  • Powered by state of the art exchange
  • Fiat <> Crypto bridge also provided by Digital CoinX API
  • Grow “Rewards-Shopping-Network 2.0” – with a more decentralized model