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Basic package

  • Technology
  • Legal
  • Bonus Business
  • Bonus Marketing

Additional packages

  • Marketing
  • Landing
  • White

Basic Package includes

SMART CONTRACT Reliable solution for your token development

  • Custom Coin Exchange

    The Custom Cryptocurrency Exchange (CCE)

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  • . White-label of Major Exchange / Connection to ECN:

    White Label Exchange Platform allow Client

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Book building platform Customized solution for your needs

  • Initial Coin Offering:

    Pre-ICO Services available to launch a new coin or token on an enterprise

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  • Coin Listing:

    Client can list existing coin on our Major Exchange for trading volume and liquidity.

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  • Coin Creation, blockchain, wallet, listings,

    Services available to launch a new coin or token on an enterprise

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Automate your sales processes

  • POS solutions for mobile, card-reader:

    The Company provides a white-label POS mobile app that accepts fiat/crypto:

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  • E-commerce solutions (crypto/fiat):

    The Company provides a unified online payment gateway that accepts fiat/crypto

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  • Remittance (crypto/fiat)

    Company will provide International Remittance rails to Client at [X% + .5%] fee.

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  • In-store crypto payment:

    As an alternative to the unified payment gateway, COMPANY can provide a QR

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    technology package
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  • Stand-alone

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We offer a range of services, from technological, to business strategy, to blockchain implementation to ICO operations and beyond.


Offering end to end blockchain services:

  • Blockchain Business Strategy
  • Blockchain Development
  • Private/Public Blockchains
  • Data-modeling on Blockchain
  • Blockchain hosting
  • Blockchain operations

Only offered to Strategic Partners
Pricing/Terms: Custom


Listing strategy, planning, and execution:
  • Blockchain Business Strategy
  • Cryptocurrency Economic Theory
  • White Paper Creation
  • Legal/Corp Strategy
  • LISTING Strategy
  • LISTING PR/Marketing
  • LISTING Operations
  • LISTING Post-Operations
  • COIN Security
  • Listing on DigitalcoinX
  • Automatically cross-listed on 10-20 exchanges for liquidity​

Pricing/Terms: Custom


It isn’t done until it’s done:
  • Post-COIN LISTING price and volatility management [1 to 4 weeks]
  • Ongoing Legal Compliance, Tax Compliance
  • Audit support 


  • End-to-end Banking Platform + Global Virtual Exchange
  • Powered by Digitaltypex:
    • ultra-high-frequency, low-latency matching
    • 0.07 millisecond speed
  • Cross-connected 30+ crypto-exchanges
  • Trading ETH tokens to enable send/receive
  • REAL-TIME settlements
  • Instant Money Transfers
  • Supports 170+ fiat currency, 75+ crypto-tokens​​


Advanced Digital Coin Synthetics Platform:

  • Derivatives Creation Platform
  • Allows anyone to create new derivatives (tokens)
  • Based on ALL existing commodities, fiat currencies, crypto tokens, futures, options, etc
  • Automatically listed on global exchange
  • Complete back-testing, and forward-testing (simulated strategy on live market)
  • Successful strategies will immediately find liquidity

Only offered to Strategic Partners:

  • Complete WHITE-LABEL, along with operations
  • Digital Coin and/or DigitalcoinX and/or DigitalcoinSyn
  • Pricing/Terms: Custom


Websites need value, and this is achieved through the engaging content shown on the platform. What customers see and read serves as the reinforcement to the outright marketing campaigns devised to attract your target audience. Quality content that effectively connects and appeals to your customers is an indispensable part of your Bitcoin marketing strategy, after all.

Armed with a team of trained and flexible professionals, we are more than ready to take on new tasks. We breathe content marketing and use them as avenues for our creative juices to flow through and produce entertaining, relevant, and on-target content.


Cryptocurrency is the latest trend, and adopting it is a wise marketing decision. Integrating a myriad of cryptocurrencies services including payment processing, shopping carts, eCommerce, and even third-party game content providers will not only keep your business updated with market demands but will also expose the brand to a larger customer base that caters to both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

Incorporating the Bitcoin technology into upcoming and existing brands online through their preferred services requires precision and knowledge of establishing an efficient and user-friendly software-to-software interface. Our select teams for internal and external integration use common API profiles that work best for your business and needs.


Getting hard-earned profits does not happen overnight, hence the need to keep your cryptocurrency secure. We cannot keep your funds locked and buried in the middle of the ocean, but our security protocols and solutions will keep them far from all forms of cyber threats imaginable.

Our defense techniques and schemes include multiple authorization systems, cloud DDoS protection, use of secured wallets, and incorporation of offline devices and storages, to name a few. With our team of security experts in the cryptocurrency world, your business — and digital assets — will be in good hands.


Handling cryptocurrency payments is integral in the business, but some may find it an extra load to carry. Fortunately, there are different ways you can process the funds and payments by choosing the method that perfectly suits your preference. Personally processing Bitcoin and altcoin payments and relying on a digital currency payment gateway we can help integrate into your system are options we provide, together with the freedom to look for alternative means to process payments.

Our Bitcoin processing solutions do not merely get the job done; they ensure that they deliver optimal results beneficial to the long-term success of your brand and business.


Your website needs an identifier — a brand that will set it apart from the competitors — but more importantly, one that reflects your credibility, relays your message clearly, engages customers, and elicits trust and loyalty.

Branding is crucial in cryptocurrency marketing. And it is one that all websites – regardless of their age, size, and nature – must have. Our expertise in this area is invaluable in creating a strong brand that is tailored to stand the test of time and resound more loudly all across the entire crypto marketing industry.


Lacking the right elements to be noticed may be the cause of your website’s premature exit. SEO is the solution to remain in the industry, and is responsible for ranking any online business on the first page. This translates to higher volume of visitors for your website and a guaranteed longevity in the business.

Our SEO specialists are prepared to bring you to the next level, applying specialized search engine optimization techniques to rank websites in no time. Our eye for details, mastery of the correct keywords, and expertise in the best SEO strategies complete our abilities to ensure premium Bitcoin SEO.



An organized PPC or pay per click Bitcoin marketing campaign may just be the extra juice your website needs to achieve the targeted results. Through PPC, the optimized ads will generate traffic efficiently without exceeding your budget, thereby yielding higher return of investment while directly focusing and interacting with the right audience via the search engine results.

PPC is essential for digital marketing, and our team is adept in pushing PPC campaigns that always produce the promised outputs. Skills, combined with efficiency and flexibility, are the factors that drive us to guarantee you a precise lead in the competition.


Any business in line with digital asset management needs to develop effective marketing tools or sales materials in order for it to stay in the competition. With no cryptocurrency marketing experts to analyze its white papers or documents intended to promote the business, the venture may come to a decline.

This is where our unbiased white papers review comes in. We have ICO (initial coin offering) specialists to thoroughly examine and fairly evaluate your white papers. Having a marketing expert’s point of view on matters, our specialists are sure to give your papers a perfect polish.



Reaching out to your market through a cost-effective approach is what affiliate marketing can offer to the table, whether your website has only started or has already been online for long. Building a network of affiliates proves to be instrumental, and this is what you need to ensure traffic, sales, and a guaranteed top rank on Google.

We have a long history with affiliation, and it always excites us to supply our clients with our skills and services many claim to have but only few master. Affiliate marketing is one of our team’s fortes, and we are more than happy to execute it in the cryptocurrency markets.


Strategists sometimes neglect one key element in orchestrating a winning marketing plan – that is, influencer marketing. Let us optimize your cryptocurrency venture. Allow us to target not only potential clients but also those that influence markets you ought to penetrate.

Our sought-after network of marketing channels has never gone wrong in giving our customers a forthright drive toward entities that have influence over prospective clients. And neither do we intend to go wrong with you. Our approach is aimed at turning tables – that is, making the market and influencers reach out to you.



Visual aesthetics is the game-changer. The success rate of any Bitcoin marketing campaign will plummet without the presence of high-quality and attention-grabbing designs for websites. The headers, article images, and Bitcoin website design template themselves go hand in hand to create a visually stimulating experience for the customers.

Our graphic designers and web designers have vast experiences in this field, having previously worked with clients and on projects that demanded designs close to perfection. We fully commit in creating innovative and proactive designs, relevant to our clients’ goals.


We offer consultation regarding new cryptocurrency market brands, online gambling sites, digital currency markets, market influencers, and marketing channels. In addition, having the ability to create powerful branding, we have the power to build our customers a robust online identity and to help them in the first step of defining what they want and how to do it in the Bitcoin market.

We are a team of experts who have much experience in the market and have long been immersed in actual crypto marketing. Our clients are sure to get the best advice from a specialist’s perspective.