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Established just in October 2013, Cryptopay has already built quite a big name. It has already grown to become one of the most sought-after providers of Bitcoin wallets and Bitcoin payment platform in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Headquartered in England, it caters not just to the people in the said country but to a lot more cryptocurrency enthusiasts all over the world.

The company’s formula to success has always been the summation of great customer-driven offers. Although the website features only two flagship products, the people behind the company guarantee every client that they are industry-leading and state-of-the-art. After all, quality still exceeds quantity.

Cryptopay Bitcoin wallet

One of the company’s major products is Bitcoin wallet. Similar with other known wallets, Cryptopay Bitcoin wallet allows the holder to store, deposit, and withdraw bitcoins in a fast and secure manner. But unlike other wallets, it gives the user the benefit of free deposits and withdraws – no hidden charges and no transaction fees apply. However, any user needs to pay a 1% fee for every BTC-to-fiat or fiat-to-BTC conversion.

Furthermore, the wallet ensures the security of the funds of the holders. The company has incorporated in the product the multi-signature technology and the dual-factor authentication. On top of that, transfer of bitcoins happens quickly wherever the sender and the recipient are in the world. They can expect the money to reach the destination wallet the next business day.

Cryptopay prepaid card

The revolutionary prepaid card in the Bitcoin ecosystem is now underway. The company changes the game by introducing its flagship debit card that customers can use in various transactions. The card allows the cardholder to convert his Cryptopay Bitcoin to EUR, GBP, or USD and have the funds right in the card.

It has two types. The first one is the plastic card which users can hold physically. This one requires purchasing and delivery so that it can be ready for ATM withdrawals or electronic terminal payments. The second one is the virtual card which is basically just an online account that also needs to be bought for a minimum amount of money. This account is ideal for web transactions like online shopping and payment of bills.

Profitable affiliate program

Cryptopay has a great way of rewarding those who help the company reach out to more people. The website’s affiliate program gives bitcoins to its members who are successful in bringing in more users. It is free. It is easy. All you have to do is be a wallet holder yourself and share with others your affiliate link plus your testimony of how satisfied you are with the company’s services.

By doing so, you might rake in more people to join the site’s network of cryptocurrency enthusiast. Even better is the fact that the program not only gives the partners 10% revenue share but also provides the new invites with 25% discount.