Bitcoinist is everyone’s window to the constantly evolving world of Bitcoin and digital currency industry. It serves as the prime platform for new, updated information that covers Bitcoin industry news, reviews, and other sectors.

Founded in 2013, the website now boasts over 600,000 visitors a month who value the array of content delivered. All this aims to provide bitcoiners and potential users across the globe with the tool to be in the know in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

With the head office located in Budapest, Bitcoinist operates under a team of skillful experts with the goal of educating society of all the sides of Bitcoin and digital currencies. Mate Tokay leads the company as the CEO and gets expert support from five equally talented professionals.

Variety of useful articles in regular circulation

Bitcoinist ensures that its mission gets done daily. And it achieves this by employing over 20 writers and reporters from different locations, including Miami, Austin, New York, California, Lisbon, Budapest, Beijing, Hong Kong, and London.

Its strong arsenal enables the website to continuously publish content, with a minimum of three to four unique content per day. These articles can be any of the following: reviews, news, interviews, informative articles, and press releases.

Other than the written content posted on the website, this online Bitcoin industry resource also features news digests presented in videos. Bitcoinist aspires to become the leading cryptocurrency news portal in order to simplify the way people can acquire news.

The time for reading can be utterly limited in today’s demanding times. Presenting the news in short clips, then, proves to be a viable option to successfully inform the public of the latest happenings in the world of cryptocurrency.

Bitcoinist and its professional approach

As a media platform, the website upholds ethics in all of its operations and products. In fact, it guarantees its readership that they are responsible for their actions, and this includes their posting behavior on social media. Spamming and submitting own links on social accounts are actions safely monitored and guarded by the team.

Its dedication to ensuring a dynamic, educational venue has paid off with the recent overhaul of its website. Now designed to be more user-friendly and compact with comprehensive content, it continues to gain more readers who appreciate the amount of effort and professionalism reflected in their services.

This online media platform is currently in a major partnership with InsideBitcoins, whose events are co-produced by Bitcoinist. It has also closed its first investment round already — a huge step in furthering establishing itself as the premium Bitcoin media website.