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Malta, a powerhouse of land-based and online casinos, has already held two big iGaming summits. Both events left marks of success, although the latter one has received more praise from the participants. Since the people behind the upcoming event yet to transpire again in Malta aim to exceed expectations, everyone is guaranteed that the next gathering which is SiGMA ’17 will gain more ground.

The registered participants and even interested registrants can expect to be in a huge venue filled with exhibits of the newest iGaming products and solutions. And even if they are to be with, more or less, 6,000 delegates, they are still to enjoy the four-day event as they may brush shoulders with the well-known names in the fields of game creation, affiliate marketing, casino operation, and platform development.

The preparation for SiGMA ’17 is still underway. Those wanting to be part of the biggest iGaming summit in Malta are still welcome. Surely, no iGaming enthusiast will want to miss the upcoming conferences highlighted in SiGMA ’17.