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Without a doubt, Bitcoin still remains as the most widely used cryptocurrency in the world. Despite the surfacing of many other units of digital asset like Ethereum, Dash, and Litecoin, Bitcoin never seems to lose a spot in charts containing game-changing cryptocurrencies. Given this premise, NewsBTC is always up for the challenge to be a one-stop portal for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and users, Bitcoin brokers, digital money merchants, and practically anyone or any business that wants to be in the distributed-ledger tech sphere.

NewsBTC, on the other hand, has already long started to acknowledge the emergence of Bitcoin’s brethren – the alternative coins or altlcoins. This is why the website’s visitors may also now get basic knowledge and even updates on these other cryptocurrencies that also use the blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency education on the web

The website is not just for those who have already entered the cryptocurrency industry. It is also for those wanting to start dealing in Bitcoin or altcoin. The site has a number of articles that beginners may read in order for them to fully understand what the industry is.

Starting with the provision of the very definition of Bitcoin, the site allows readers to trace the development of the currency from its humble beginnings up to what it is now. And since the emergence of the digital currency has triggered the rise of the altcoins, it was just a right move for NewsBTC to also have focus on these units that obviously continues to gain more patronage from people. Now newbies in the field may use the website as a source of basic information about these altcoins.

Reviews on Bitcoin casinos and brokers

Bitcoin has already penetrated the realm of online casinos. Now, the World Wide Web holds a big number of gaming sites that cater to Bitcoin players – and the number still grows. In light of this, NewsBTC has taken the initiative to help Bitcoin users find the best gaming sites on which they can wager their crypto coins without worrying about security and safety. The site publishes unbiased reviews on the best Bitcoin casinos out there.

Similarly, reviews on the best Bitcoin brokers are also available onsite. These articles aim to aid traders and investors in choosing a trustworthy channel through which Bitcoin, altcoin, binary options, and even forex trading deals transpire.

Gaining much publicity through NewsBTC

With its website’s richness in information, NewsBTC is among the portals that the cryptocurrency market relies on. Not surprisingly, it has a high level of readership, and businessmen who venture in the Bitcoin ecosystem can actually make the most of this.

They can partner with the website in promoting their brands. The site offers advertising services including the publication of press releases, posting of ad banners, and featuring of promotional articles, to name a few. One look at the website may eventually tell a reader how much trust merchants give to the advertising services of the website.