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ICO Stats is one of the best-known websites that cater to cryptocurrency users. The pseudonymous Cooper Maruyama, a conversion rate optimization expert, is the name behind this site. You may find too little info about him, but you can find much about his website that a lot of people find useful.

The website fully engages in tracking ICOs or initial coin offerings – now do not wonder where the company got its name. An ICO is a way through which a startup cryptocurrency venture raises funds. It is unregulated, which means no government takes control of it. If you post an ICO online for your venture, you do away with the rigorous process of getting backup from banks or capitalists. More often than not, these ICOs appear in feeds provided by ICO Stats.

Info you can track using ICO Stats

For you to see how the website can always come in handy, take a look at the number of ICOs it posts for venture starters. But not only will you see a long list of ICOs, you will also come upon searcher-friendly metrics which include:

Around-the-clock ROI (return of investment) of posted ventures
ROI fluctuations since the previous week/month
Date of posting of ICO
ICO price variations
When you are onsite, you can also sort ICOs according to the stats enumerated above. You can even trace the ROI that has grown the biggest ever since its posting. This way, you can easily choose which ICO to support, for your and the venture’s benefit alike.

Since ICO Stats recognizes the fact that BTC and ETH are the biggest cryptocurrencies today, it gives you feeds on the coins’ fluctuating rates. Now you can see for yourself whether the coins increased or decreased in value. In addition, you get to see currency comparisons through easy-to-understand graphs, saving you time and effort.

ICO Stats still under development

Like almost all growing firms, the website still works on improving its systems. It should never disappoint you that the website openly tells you it is up for development. After all, you get to have involvement in the process of leveling up the services provided to you by the site.

How is that possible? The company gives you access to its Trello card and to its plans for bettering its overall import. Load the Trello card by clicking through the link and you will find you can actually write