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A couple of clicks on the web can lead you to knowing that iGaming Business is the largest publishing company in the iGaming industry. It has provided quality services to the industry for almost two decades now. There is no wonder why the company has already built quite a reputation. You will see it has earned itself over 16,000 members. All of them signed up for subscription to the company’s offline content.

If that is still not enough reason for you to turn to the company, know that is it now an institution in the sector. This should not surprise you at all. It has a big number of products now utilizers by many people across the globe.

iGaming Business Magazine

The iGaming Business Magazine is the company’s flagship product. If you have already read about this publication’s competitors, you will know this is the mag to beat. It gives you quality and credible feeds, enough to make you trust the company. Through the mag, you are sure to get regular updates because you will receive a new issue every two months. You will find, though, that its structure sets its focus more on readers rather than on advertisers. That is why if you want to have a closer look at the industry, subscribe to the mag.

If you live in North America, you belong to the 26% of the total readership of the company. It is best, then, if you subscribe to iGaming Business North America Magazine. This mag delivers to you market-specific content that lets you see the growth of the industry in the said region.

For a full experience of the company’s greatness, you should also read iGB Affiliate Magazine. This mag offers you info relevant to affiliate marketing. Published every two months, the mag circulates among over 5,000 active subscribers. In addition, it has an average online viewership of 18,000 individuals per month. Such figures tells you how valuable the mag is to many.

iGaming Business conventions

Even if you are just a player or something more, you can take part in events organized by iGaming Business. The company holds global conferences and conventions. Attend them and you will learn a great deal about the latest trends. More so, you also get to meet and greet your fellow enthusiasts.

Of all those events, ICE Totally Gaming is one you should not miss. This is one of the largest and most-awaited events held in London annually. It gathers credible speakers to talk about various topics. Here, you can gain a lot of information you can apply in your field.

iGaming North America Conference is another event you should look forward to.  This aims to provide you with a system you can apply both in the local and international scenes. Since iGaming Business works all the harder to bring you more, you should expect more. You just have to pay the company’s website a constant visit to get updated. If not, you had better subscribe to its publications.