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GPWA stands for Gambling Portal Webmasters Association. It is an organization formed in 2001 out of the founding members’ enthusiasm to create a body that shall promote harmony among gaming affiliates around the world. Since its birth, it has already accumulated more than 15,000 members who are inclined in the field of gambling affiliate marketing. Following the evolution of the world’s online gaming landscape, this number of affiliate members keeps rising.

Each member is entitled to a bunch of benefits. One of those is the chance to interact with fellow webmasters from different parts of the globe through interactive forums and discussions on GPWA’s website. Another is the free subscription to the official magazine and weekly newsletter of the organization. These publications shall keep each member updated of the latest happenings, issues, and innovations in the online gaming industry.

The official website of GPWA also has a Wiki page that contains discussions on topics relevant to gambling on the web. Affiliate members and non-registrants alike may use this page to know more about the industry. But of course, to enjoy more benefits, visitors may just sign up as a new official member of GPWA.