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Cubits is an all-encompassing application designed to provide users with a platform where they can buy, sell, and accept Bitcoin with ease. Driven with passion and determination, it stands its ground to push Bitcoin acceptance in Europe and in the whole world.

Established in 2014, this London-based Bitcoin startup adheres to a principal mission to revolutionize and establish the future of finance. The best way the company can help achieve it is when the advantages and prowess of Bitcoin and the blockchain with today’s conventional financial tools merge.

Introducing the “wallet of the future”

In order to fulfill its fundamental goal, the startup has come up with two extraordinary products that have certainly brought cryptocurrency transactions up a notch. One of which is its Bitcoin wallet called the Cubits Wallet. Through this flagship wallet, cryptocurrency users can now experience fast, reliable, secure, and simple Bitcoin transfers and transactions that are unlike any other.

It has an easy-to-use interface. Such feature allows users to purchase Bitcoin instantly with over 17 accepted currencies. Among these are US dollars, British pound, euro, Polish zloty, Turkish lira, and more.

Cubits Pay to complement the wallet

In addition, the company has produced an innovative merchant payment system dubbed as Cubits Pay. Just like the company’s flagship wallet, this platform takes on a design to deliver an interface geared toward the benefit of layman consumers and new Bitcoin adopters. Unlike any other cryptocurrency-dedicated payment systems in the market, this banking channel boasts a variety of plugins. These are all for an extensive catalog of famous online shopping cart systems like Shopify, WordPress, Magento, Shopware, and osCommerce. More than that, customers get to have free customer support.

Furthermore, the company’s payment channel offers free conversions. Any of its users may their Bitcoin converted into any of the company’s supported real-money currencies. This means users undertake a more fluid and hassle-free transaction.

Wider coverage through partnerships

Indeed, through the company’s wallet and payment channel, cryptocurrency users and merchants now have a wider range of freedom. They can now utilize their bitcoins on traditional activities such as shopping. But they can benefit even more from the collaborations initiated by Cubits. In order to establish such steadfast services, the company has collaborated with various entities. Among them are, Sofort, OKPay, SEPA, and Swift, which are also leaders of their respective domains.

The company has gone a long way since its inception in the cryptocurrency industry. Notwithstanding the countless obstacles along the way, it has established a fine reputation among avid cryptocurrency users. Through this line of products and services, Cubits aims to be the largest and the optimum blockchain-powered financial institution in Europe, which empowers instant financial transactions between and among users, regardless of their location.