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CoinURL is an online advertising network that features smart and easy methods of monetizing any content. Whether blogs, websites, forum posts, tweets, images or whatever you may think of, this platform has proven ways to transform these to something of value. In this case, these materials will let you earn bitcoins in an instant.

Looking deeper into this advertising network, it becomes evident that it is armed with competitive rates and convenient payment processes. More importantly, it supports not only Bitcoin but Peercoin too. This fact only makes it even more attractive, especially for website and digital content owners who wish to earn extra profits through the web as well as for advertisers that aim to expand their product reach.

2 easy ways to earn through CoinURL

With a mission to provide better quality services to users from all over the world, CoinURL features two ways to earn. One is through the contextual banner ads while the other is through the interstitial ads.

Advertisers and publishers now have the option how they intend to engage in this campaign. After all, these two methods have their own features and setup, giving the stakeholders more flexibility in content monetization online.

As stated on its page, contextual banner ads are “non-intrusive, high-efficient text and image contextual ads.” These are based on the pay per click system. On the other hand, the interstitial ads highlight low-cost advertising patterned on the pay per impression system.

Market outreach made simple and easy

CoinURL deserves the thumbs up for offering such services. But it earns another tap on the back for the array of other features that complete the online experience many approve of.

This platform enables you to specifically target your ads to certain markets. This means you are in control of your campaign by choosing the countries, languages, types of users, and even devices used.

Knowing the flexibility emphasized on this platform, users can easily adjust the settings configured for the ads. This option empowers publishers to freely filter out unwanted or unnecessary ads as well as activate auto-redirect and limit maximum interstitial wait time, among others.

Prioritizing client privacy and security

Furthermore, CoinURL guarantees privacy and security within its system. As a matter of fact, all payments are anonymous. Even the account registration process skips the personal details and simply focuses on the username, password, and email address. Moreover, its system ensures that fraudulent clicks are prevented; thanks to its security measures that eliminate bots and prioritize actual real people.

Complete with simplicity and high potential to earn, CoinURL emerges as a premium advertising network online for everyone who wishes to earn more in the cryptocurrency market.