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BitConnect functions as a self-regulated financial system. Registered just in 2016, its website domain has already gained much ground. It uses an open-source platform that creates a unified network for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It provides multiple investment opportunities that give you the chance to learn more about the cryptocurrency market while generating profits.

Although the website shows little background information, it shows a lot about its evolution since it had its first ICOs posted in 2016. Visitors onsite may not find info about the owner, headquarters, and licenses of the company, but they can see that it has already grown to become a turn-to site of those interested in earning cryptocurrency in a new light.

Introducing the BitConnect Coin (BCC)

The website features its own coin called BitConnect Coin (BCC). This new cryptocurrency operates within the BitConnect ecosystem. BCC is a decentralized and peer-to-peer digital asset. This means no central government takes charge in controlling this wealth. More so, transactions happen from wallet to wallet. No third parties take involvement in the transfer or receipt of BCC.

The coin’s price depends on the supply and demand features affected by coin supply mining and minting algorithm. Meanwhile, you can self-regulate the ecosystem though three channels. These are the Coin Supply Channel, Coin Demand Channel, and Coin Distribution Channel.

Staking, mining, trading, and lending

Driven to promote BCC to more cryptocurrency enthusiasts, the website offers an array of investment opportunities. Upon acquiring BCC, users may choose to stake their BCC in exchange for up to 120% annual return. They may also do solo or pool mining which is a way of generating new BCC. This mining, however, does not require any ASIC miner, unlike Bitcoin.

Another way users profit through BitConnect is trading. Getting regular updates on BCC price fluctuations can do the trick here. Usually, a trader would sell his coins when he sees the price skyrocketing. When the price drops by a huge margin, he may acquire new coins from a trusted exchange platform. Receiving daily profit is also possible via BCC lending. This is as simple as investing on the website’s lending platform.

A drive toward company expansion

Despite the recent issues abounding BitConnect, the people behind this name are still determined to provide the quality services they have been delivering since then. The company is even in full gear to shake off of its domain the spam claims attributed to it.

Part of its efforts in gaining more trust from the cryptocurrency world is the extension of its arms across the industry. This is a sign that the company welcomes anyone who wants to see how legitimate the site is and how it can boost one’s profitability in the field of marketing digital assets. It will not come as a surprise when thousands and thousands of cryptocurrency users, merchants, and even developers huddle in to strengthen the BCC network even more.