Following the groundbreaking launch of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency’s unprecedented rise to widespread use, the pseudonymous founder of Bitcoin named Satoshi Nakamoto created a website dedicated to Bitcoin talks. The site, called Bitcointalk, is the biggest forum for any topic that touches Bitcoin.

But due to the fast-paced changes happening within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, the website widened its topic coverage. Now, it has open discussions centered on Bitcoin’s brethren called altcoins, making the website a much bigger community of digital asset enthusiasts. Given this, any participant in the forum may find himself brushing shoulders with experienced coders, cryptocurrency company owners, and web developers.

Interaction through discussions

Bitcointalk consists of sections and sub-sections, each containing a public discussion on a certain topic. Some of the most-covered topics onsite are issues abounding the Bitcoin world, surprising fluctuations of the value of Bitcoin, new ICOs (initial coin offerings) or new altcoins, recently launched cryptocurrency casinos, and newly established virtual currency-related businesses.

Forum members may also find themselves scrolling through lists of campaigns than run with big budgets usually worth thousands of dollars. With this and other subject matters that involve money, Bitcointalk incorporated within its system a trust scale. This function allows users to give positive or negative feedback to anything posted or written onsite.

Developing an all-new Bitcointalk

On the other hand, every forum participant on Bitcointalk might have already come across posts and campaigns that others believed were just hoaxes or spam articles. While further investigation still needs to ensue to prove the truthfulness behind claims of fraud, the people behind the website are in full force to eliminate threads of information that may negatively affect how the interaction among members flow.

Hopefully, the efforts being exerted by the Bitcointalk team of backend experts will soon give birth to an all-new website interface that has better functions for security, truthfulness, and harmony. After all, the Bitcoin and altcoin community are very welcoming of the idea that they may soon be on a more user-friendly web portal that breeds healthy discussions.