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Following the emergence of a lot more cryptocurrency units, Inside Bitcoins redefined the scope of its focus. Originally centering its attention on just Bitcoin and the distributed-ledger technology the currency uses, this website now covers the most talked-about topics across the world of cryptocurrency. Some of these topics include those about altcoins or alternative coins that also rely on the blockchain tech; past, present, and even upcoming events in the industry; and many more.

Inside Bitcoins online news
Mainly as a cryptocurrency news center, Inside Bitcoins is keen to give a daily feed of articles to readers who are interested in the growing financial landscape of digital assets, especially Bitcoin. The website publishes over 40 news articles per day, all geared toward updating cryptocurrency enthusiasts of the latest in the ever-changing industry.

The thousands of readers on this site hail from different countries around the world. No matter how diverse they are, they find onsite whatever they want to know in connection with the current affairs within the Bitcoin and altcoin community. They can even keep track here of the fluctuation of Bitcoin prices, thus helping them know the actual value of their digital funds in real time.

Free newsletter subscription
Anyone who wishes to receive regular updates and notifications from Inside Bitcoins may now join the network. It just takes signing up with the website. Not only is the registration free but also is inclusive of subscription to the website’s newsletter.

The newsletter, sent to each subscriber’s email, is issued on a regular basis. It contains news, and sometimes even an analysis of the most talked-about issues in the cryptocurrency market. Subscribers do not even need anymore to launch first the Inside Bitcoins website. They just need to check their email inboxes and read the cryptocurrency updates provided by the information hub.

Big sponsorship opportunities
Not only readers but also merchants and businessmen who turn to the blockchain tech can make the most out of this website. Inside Bitcoins provides spots for advertisements they wish to post for the purpose of gaining more publicity and reaching out to bigger potential markets.

Since the website gets a big number of visits daily, there is no question to the effectiveness of the campaigns that merchants post on the portal. Cryptocurrency-related businesses may even write their own articles about their brands and make a request to have those write-ups featured by this website. In addition, the website makes room for banner ads on the leaderboard and on one side of the page.

The blending of all the reader-driven articles and the merchant-serving ads makes the website a great channel in promoting the adoption of the cryptocurrency. Undoubtedly, Inside Bitcoins has a strong dedication to what it does for the whole distributed-ledger tech niche.