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Online ads have become a great marketing tool yielding financial benefits to both the advertisers and the publishers. In the case of online marketing, earning through these ads emerged as a recent trend, even in the Bitcoin sector.

Anonymous Ads is a great example of a Bitcoin advertising network. Unlike most of its kind, though, this website stands out by vowing to not collect any personal data of its users. Thus, it stays true to the anonymous nature of Bitcoin.

Providing more than just anonymity

While promoting anonymity among users without the need of personal details, this advertising network also highlights transparency. This is evident with advertisers who market their own services and with publishers who have the Anonymous Ads code on their websites.

The other unique features of this platform include a diverse inventory of ads from various sources. It also has a wide selection of traffic sources. And more importantly, it offers affordable traffic. In fact, there are several categories to choose from when it comes to the ads that appear. Likewise, these ads can come from various sources, which only make the network more dynamic and overflowing with choices and opportunities.

Earning through Anonymous Ads

Aside from these features, Anonymous Ads also highlight the two ways to earn money in the form of Bitcoin only. Here, you may be a publisher or an advertiser, either promising to yield benefits.

On a micro perspective, publishers are those users who opt to show the ads on their respective and registered websites in order to make money. This works by listing the website URL and creating an ad unit, which will be the tool to determine the Bitcoin earnings. Advertisers, on the other hand, are individuals who choose to promote their services through this platform, based on their preferred campaign.

With these two methods, Anonymous Ads can ensure that the publishers will have an ample amount of ads to feature on their listed websites. Similarly, advertisers will have enough number of websites to showcase their ads.

Putting more offers on the table

The features do not end there. This Bitcoin advertising network further gets the thumbs up with its instant cash-outs for greater user convenience. More so, it does not put limits to the number of direct referrals users hit. Plus, it offers low and fixed minimum cash-outs. Moreover, users do not anymore need to click or work hard to earn bitcoins and that everyone from all countries may take part and join its network.

Anonymous Ads is regularly updated for security purposes, and this only solidifies its goal to become the friendliest, convenient, and profitable advertising network on the web.