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99Bitcoins went live in 2013. Since then, the site has grown to be one of the largest sources of information about Bitcoin and about its progeny which are the altcoins. Founded by a big Bitcoin supporter himself, Ofir Beigel, the website is one portal you can expect to be always newbie-friendly. It is like a Bitcoin resource library driven to educate even those individuals who have zero knowledge on cryptocurrencies.

It has almost everything you need to know to fully understand the Bitcoin as a digital asset and as a technology. The website maintains its simple approach in laying down information. It makes the complex cryptocurrency world easy to understand by delivering guides too intelligible that even those that are clueless about Bitcoin will comprehend.

Bitcoin beginner’s course on 99 Bitcoins

While others devote months of reading and researching just to be highly knowledgeable with Bitcoin, others spend just a few days to know everything there is to know as regards the fundamentals of the most widely used cryptocurrency. The latter are usually those that sought the guidance of 99Bitcoins.

The website offers a free Bitcoin video crash course for those who desire to begin a venture with Bitcoin. The only requirement is a subscription to the company’s newsletter. Once officially registered, a subscriber shall receive one email per day for seven consecutive days. Each of these seven emails shall contain a video presentation that will feed the viewer with the right nourishment to achieve the optimum technical know-how about Bitcoin.

Guides on buying and mining crypto coins

Upon knowing the basics of Bitcoin, a 99Bitcoins visitor may use the site’s guides on buying and mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The website is more than willing to make itself a user’s ultimate buddy in journeying in the cryptocurrency world.

Easy steps on securing a wallet and purchasing bitcoins and other units of virtual money are available onsite. Even the most trusted payment channels are there for viewing. Reviews on top wallets for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum are also published onsite, thereby providing each buyer with detailed and secure measures to acquire digital assets.

More so, webmasters and coders whose interest lies in Bitcoin or altcoin mining may see the website as a best friend. The portal contains basic info and even tips every Bitcoin miner should know. After all, 99Bitcoins is not just after getting the trust of buyers but also after giving miners confidence in their undertaking.